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Meetings: Tuesdays, 19.00 - 20.00

About Us

The Perspective Magazine is our printed magazine, which we publish quarterly. Utrikesperspektiv contains articles on a variety of interesting stories from national and international politics. Our goal is to be an independent voice and provide an arena for debate and discussion to our members. We aim to inspire and encourage people to develop their interest in world politics, and gain an insight into foreign affairs from a range of perspectives.

As a member of the magazine committee, you will be able to do what is done at any magazine – work with layout, do proofreading, write deep-digging articles or discussing world chronicle with foreign affairs as the underlying theme. This is the perfect committee for those interested in writing and journalism.

Magazine Committee Heads

 Nicolas Jendi + Bahadir Sirin
Heads of Magazine

Get Involved!

If you have any questions about the magazine or want to join the committee, please contact us at

Magazine Sub-Editors

Annika Johansson

Marko Malling

Matthew Langdon