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Meetings: Tuesday, 17.00 – 19.00 (Eden 230)



My name is Seth Engellau and I am the head of the Debate Committee. I was born and raised in Lund, Sweden – a rare breed among the student body at Lund university! 

I study the politicies candidate program and have also studied extra courses in rhetoric, psychology and AI. Before I started my university studies at Lund University I served for five years in the Royal Swedish Navy, I am currently a reserve officer in the Swedish armed forces.

I became active in UPF Lund by participating in their regular debates, which eventually led me to run for the position I am currently managing as head of the Debate Committee. I can highly recommend that you join UPF Lund, it is an association which offers a multitude of different opportunities such as hosting high quality lectures, personally developing and rewarding debates and fun social activities such as karaoke parties to name just a few.

Wanna do yourself a favor as a student studying in or in the vicinity of Lund? 

Then join UPF Lund!

Fun fact: I competed in and won the Swedish and European championships in history during my second year in high-school.