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All of your frequently asked questions about UPF Lund answered:


What perks are there as a UPF member?
As a member you have guaranteed free access to all of our lectures, you get four issues of our magazine The Perspective delivered to your mailbox, and get access to opportunities such as the Prep Course and Mentorship Programme. You will also be able to join and participate in any our of committees and have the right to vote in meetings.
How do I become a member?
You can sign up for a membership here!
How can I download the membership app?
Once you become a member through the online sign up link, you will receive an email from Cardskipper with instructions on how to get started with the app. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Secretary at!

Becoming an active member

How do I become an active member?
Every member who contributes to the associations work is an active member! Show up at a committee meeting or email the respective committee head to learn how you can participate.
What can I do in UPF?
UPFs activities are divided in eight committees whose work range from writing articles and promoting UPF to inviting lecturers and organizing sittnings. You can find more thorough descriptions of the committees and contact information on the committee page
I am busy, I don't know how much I can contribute. Should I still become an active member?
Yes! In every committee there are a multitude of ways to help out and there is always something you can do to become an active member. Read more about the committees here, attend a meeting or send your questions to the respective head.

Utrikespolitiska Förbundet (UFS)

What is UFS?
UFS stands for Utrikespolitiska Förbundet Sverige and its English name is SAIA, Swedish Association of International Affairs. It is the umbrella organization for 10 associations of foreign affairs all around Sweden, one of which is UPF. The associations cooperate through the board of UFS where each association is present through a board member. UFS hosts several events such as lectures and debates in Almedalen, forum weekends where members from all associations get the opportunity to meet each other and a convention to spread knowledge about international politics. Want to know more? Check out the website
How does this affect me?
By cooperating with the other associations of foreign affairs UPF constantly develops, so that you get to experience an even better association. UPF gets money from the state through UFS which means more possibilities to do cool stuff related to international affairs. Furthermore, UFS is representing you and UPF in LSU–the association that connects all youth organizations in Sweden–making sure your voice is heard. At the same time UFS has cooperations with the British Embassy, Utrikespolitiska Institutet and Folk och Försvar, meaning you are represented in all of these places.
What activities can I participate in as a UPF-member?
You get lots of cool opportunities though UFS. For example you can participate in the different committees of UFS, get to travel to Almedalen/Utrikespolitiskt/UFS Forum, participate in different competitions, get in contact with the embassies in Sweden, and have a possibility to apply for different LSU-missions (for example being the Swedish youth representative to the general assembly!). Lots of awesome things, right?