Election Committee 

The 2020-2021 Election Committee are James Davies, Rebecca Edvardsson, and Sofus Rønberg. The Election Committee is responsible for the process of electing the board and other trustee positions in the association. You can contact the Election Committee at

James Davies

Rebecca Edvardsson

Sofus Rønberg

Sexual Harassment Contact Person

The 2020-2021 Sexual Harassment Contact people are Karin Mizser ( and Camilia El Sayed ( The Sexual Harassment Contact Persons makes sure that there is a safe space for UPF members to report any acts of sexual harassment at UPF’s events or activities.

Karin Mizser

Camilia El Sayed

Discrimination Contact Person

The Discrimination Contact People for spring 2021 are Franziska Bold and Saia Said. The Discrimination Contact Persons are tasked with ensuring that all UPF members have a discreet and confidential channel for reporting any incidents regarding discrimination or inappropriate conduct at any UPF event or activity throughout the academic year.

Franziska Bold

Saia Said

Chief Recruiter

The 2020-2021 Chief Recruiters are Maria Acatrinei and Jette Strohschneider. The Chief Recruiters are responsible for the recruiting process of new members to UPF. This entails coordinating the recruitment activities such as classroom visits and fairs, and reaching out to university faculties and secondary schools to create awareness of UPF.

Maria Acatrinei

Jette Strohschneider