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UPF Lund

Lund’s Oldest Student Association

About Us

The Association of Foreign Affairs Lund

Welcome to Lund’s most international student association!

The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund (abbreviated to UPF Lund from its Swedish name, Utrikespolitiska Föreningen) provides a space for students and those interested in exploring the world of politics and foreign affairs. It was founded on February 8th, 1935 to disseminate information and encourage debate on international economic and political issues. UPF’s official language is English, and is open to all students across Lund.

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Want to join a group of worldly folks and talk foreign affairs? Want to get active in one of our committees? Become a member today.

Find out more

Learn more about international relations with the events and activities from UPF Lund. Read about our history. UPF Lund is a Lund tradition.

Events Calendar

See our upcoming events and join one of our many lectures, activities and career events.

“At first, I didn’t know why I should join UPF. After going to some of their events I was able to deepen my knowledge of complex topics in foreign relations. I then participated in many of their social events, career events and even the radio committee. I found a place where I could have fun and at the same time build my CV. You should join become a UPF member for the life long global network and for the friends you will make.”

– Johan M. from Goteborg, Sweden


The Perspective is a joint media outlet by the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund. We publish online articles, podcasts, and a magazine in which we cover all aspects of foreign policy and interesting things happening around the world. It can be about current and past foreign policy issues, ongoing or finished conflicts or similar substances that may be of relevance. 

The Perspective is a three branch media outlet run by the Magazine, Pod&Radio and Webzine committees of UPF Lund.