Joining UPF Lund means you will become a part of a student association that will help make your time at Lund University the time of your life! Memberships are FREE for the 2020-2021 operational year, guarantee access to all of our lectures, include four issues of our magazine The Perspective delivered to your mailbox, and include access to opportunities such as the Prep Course and Mentorship Programme. You will also be able to join and participate in any our of committees and have the right to vote in meetings. 

The only requirement to sign up is that you must be a member of Studentlund. If you are not, you can register online or sign up at a nation or a student union (Studentkår). The only exception we have to this requirement are Swedish gymnasium students (secondary school).

Sign up for or renew your free Membership here!

If you have any questions regarding the Membership or sign up process, please email the Secretary at