Board 20/21
Board 20/21

Soha Kadhim, President

My name is Soha Kadhim, and I am one of the rare students in Lund that comes from Malmö, at least if you look around the Faculty of Social Sciences. I have studied a Bachelor in Politics and Economics (Pol.kand) with Political Science as my major, and currently studying business law/EU-law. Something that I no longer can grasp, is that I once upon a time studied Civilengineering at LTH.

As President, one of the few things I am responsible for is representing and carrying out the associations purpose. I do this by leading the organization and the Board by ensuring that the work complies with the bylaws and policies. I joined UPF in 2016 with zero to no knowledge on international affairs but grew a passion for Peace and Security, Diplomacy and Environmental Politics. More importantly, the importance of mental health, good leadership, inclusivity and transparency within organizations. I have previously held the positions; Head of Activity and Board Member, and Secretary. I am grateful to have met all the amazing people I’ve gotten to know, and friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Not to mention the opportunities I’ve received by being an active member in the association. From having dinner with Anders Kompass, to mingling with interesting people, such as the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, and Margrethe Vestager!

When I’m not busy writing policy documents or Statutes for UPF, I enjoy spending time in dance classes, going on spontaneous adventures, cooking food and learning new languages from watching tv-series (especially Korean series!). I am looking forward to this amazing year with all of you and hope that I’ll be able to meet you in one way or another. Don’t be afraid to come up to me for a chat if we ever cross paths!

Hedda Carlsson, Vice President

Hey there! My name is Hedda and I am just starting my last year of my Bachelor in Political science & Economics, majoring in economics. I am originally from Uppsala, but decided I needed a change of scenery and moved to Lund, a choice I am very happy with! When I first came to Lund I was introduced to UPF right away, and so I became a member and engaged in the activity committee. I enjoyed that year of being an active member, and therefore applied for Head of Activity for the 19/20 operational year. Being on the board last year was such a rewarding, interesting and fun experience, so I decided to apply for another year as a board member, now as Vice President. As Vice President I will together with our President Soha be responsible for the overall operations of the organization, to make everything run as smoothly as possible. To manage the board is one of our most important tasks, and one of my main goals of this year is to create an open and sustainable working environment within the board. Moreover my hope for this year is that we will be able to guide the organization through these difficult times and the challenges that come with it.

In terms of hobbies I am sorry to say that cooking and food is one of my biggest interests, unfortunately since I know it is incredibly basic. However, this allows me to give you advice on where in Lund you can get the best sushi (Zen), falafel (Salehan of course) and fika (Broder Jakob)! I am also a former basketball player so whenever I have the opportunity I like to watch some games. Lastly, I am really looking forward to this upcoming year and hope to get to see as many of your faces as possible at some point!

Carl Cotton, Secretary

Hello there! My name is Carl Cotton and I’m the secretary of UPF Lund. I´m currently studying my third year at Lund University, and this year I will (hopefully) be getting my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. My interest in the surrounding world in general, and politics in particular, is the main reason why I study Political Science, and also why I´m involved in UPF Lund. I first got involved in UPF by being dragged to a lecture committee meeting by a friend. I instantly realized what had been missing in my student life. What I love about UPF is that there is something for everyone. Regardless of what your interest is, or how you want to explore it, you can. This is something I really noticed being active in the lecture committee, and even more now that I´m secretary.

In my leisure time I like to read, hang out with friends and play racket sports. If I were to recommend somewhere in Lund to visit if you are a new student, I would probably say Love Coffee. It’s a small coffee place which has great coffee and good reading spots.

Lovisa Lundin Ziegler, Treasurer

Hey, Lovisa here, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Stockholm. I’m doing a Master of Science in European Affairs and I have a bachelor in Peace and Conflict and I’ve studied some French as well. In the spring of 2020 I did an internship at the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU in Brussels at the department for agriculture and rural development. I have been active in UPF Lund on and off since the fall of 2016 and I have previously been Head of Activity. UPF Lund has been a great way for me to meet interesting people and I have made a lot of friends by being active. Moreover, it has been a great way to learn more and explore my interest in foreign affairs.

Apart from being active in UPF Lund and studying I love to travel which works perfectly with my part-time job as a tennis umpire. When I cannot travel and explore the world I enjoy working out, spending time with friends and family or in my kitchen cooking up a nice treat. I have previously worked as an economic assistant for an architect firm so it is nice to do something with economics again. 

Mara Glas, UFS Representative

Hi, my name is Mara, I am a 20 year old half-Bosnian half-German student from Munich, Germany. I am currently in the 2nd year of my bachelor in Development Studies at Lund University, which I am majoring in economic history. Therefore, topics involving economic and societal inclusion in connection to global trade and migration processes are of special interest to me. My curiosity in international politics which I found easy to complement with a number of different activities and events, has brought me to UPF Lund a year ago and has made me stay active in the association ever since. Hereby, I started off as an active member working for the travel committee through which I could co-organize and join a week-long trip to London. Consequently, we enjoyed the unique opportunity of gaining practical insights into the world of international affairs by visiting a variety of international political and economic institutions such as the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and the Chatham House. Following my engagement as an active committee member, I was elected Interim Treasurer starting in early January this year, thus taking responsibility for all financial affairs pertaining to the association. After having acquired a substantial amount of intra-organizational knowledge by being present in both board and the presidium, I decided to widen my scope and engage also in the inter-association exchange and cooperation between UPF Lund and its partner associations as this year´s association´s representative to UFS Sverige (Swedish Association of Foreign Affairs).

Besides my passion for international relations, I am an outdoor and travel lover that is always eager to spend time exploring new places in the mountains or at the seaside. Following my particular affiliation for Latin American culture and history, I am thus hoping to realize my upcoming exchange to Santiago de Chile next semester.

Henrietta Kulleborn, Head of Activity

Hi Everyone! My name is Henrietta Kulleborn. I’m one of the Heads of Activity. I’m born and raised on the west coast of Sweden in a town called Onsala. My interest in international relations started when I went to upper secondary school and studied political science. I have continued that interest and are now pursuing a bachelor in Peace and Conflict. I have been a part of UPF Lund since I arrived in Lund two years ago, but it was just last year that I became an active member of the Activity committee and now I’m one of its Heads. What I love about UPF Lund is that it is a very welcoming organisation. You don’t have to know anyone previously in the organisation to join. And you don’t have to know everything there is to know about foreign politics either to be a part UPF. Being a part of UPF means that you get to learn about new things and to meet people who you otherwise wouldn’t have met and that helps you to broaden your horizon.

As all swedes, I have a long-lasting relationship with coffee, and it will probably follow me to the end of time. Besides drinking coffee in my spare time I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading books, and cooking. A fun fact about me is that when I was 14 I tried (and failed) to write a YA novel.

Miljaemilia Wala, Head of Activity

My name is Miljaemilia and I come from Finland. I am studying my third semester at Lund University in a bachelor’s degree in development studies program where I am majoring in political science. Before starting my University studies, I traveled and lived in different places because I wanted to gain perspective on how people live their lives in different parts of the world. Despite my long ongoing interest in international affairs, relations, and politics, the insights that I gained during my time abroad sparked my interest to study more the contemporary phenomena around international affairs and politics. So I decided to move to Lund because of the international atmosphere and vibe it offers. I started a University program completely in English and to gain more perspective on the issues that I was studying, I joined UPF. UPF brings together members from different countries and backgrounds to discuss themes and matters that are important for all of us but more importantly, it is a place to meet like-minded people and create friendships. UPF offers a safe environment to meet new people, discuss international affairs and politics and to gain knowledge from not only the speakers but also fellow members.

Besides my interest in international affairs and politics, I enjoy all kinds of sports, outdoor activities, cafés, movies, books and desserts. My best tip for international students that come to Lund for the first time is to try some of the delicious Swedish desserts offered at the cafés in Lund. But beware, you might get addicted to them (at least I did to chocolate balls).

Emma Baker, Head of Career

In the beginning of my first semester, I decided that I want to have the full student experience in Lund. I knew that to be able to have that, I should definitely become active in a student association. After scrolling through the multitude of options that Lund has to offer, it became clear quite quickly that if I am only going to join one of the associations, it should definitely be UPF. Already after a few weeks, I was sure that I had made the right decision, and by the end of the last spring semester, I wanted to take my journey with UPF further and apply for a board position. Now, I am looking forward to whatever joys and challenges this semester with UPF is going to bring.

Outside of UPF, I study my bachelor’s in Development Studies and I am currently furthering my education with online courses in different subjects. When I am not studying, my interests include coffee, good food, warm weather and moving in various ways (especially dancing). What I enjoy the most however, is traveling to new places and I have actually lived in five different countries during the last four years. Finally, revealing a fun fact about myself: I am quite small but strong and I can squat more than two times my own bodyweight.

Anna Mizser, Head of Career

I am a law student entering my third year, fifth term, of study. This is however not my first stint at university, I do have a bachelors in History from King’s College London from a couple of years ago. My previous experience within UPF: I was part of the career-committee over the last academic year and for the spring term, I was also a part of the lecture-committee. I could be described as control-freak with a sense of childlike glee, and even a bit childish at times.

A recommendation to new students: Make use of Kino, it is a really nice cinema where you can volunteer for just a few hours and be awarded attending screenings free of charge. Also, remember that all students and a large part of the faculty live by the idea “Fake it til you make it” so why can’t you, no one is as confident as they appear at first glance. Fun fact about me is that one of the first times I went on a larger rollercoaster with my sister we were nervous in the queue and when we were seated and looked in my sister said to me “I am really regretting this” and I answered, “Me too but there is nothing we can do about this now…” and the rollercoaster started. And sure enough, I fainted on the first slope and didn’t come to until the last turn.

Karin Mizser, Head of Lecture

Hi! My field of study is human rights which I’m doing my bachelor in now. With that said my main interest in foreign affairs is quite telling I guess. But I really enjoy the connection between multiple subjects and different points of view on things. In my spare time I mainly hang with friends, play video games and paint. My top tip for new students is to buy used textbooks, if possible, and one place for this is “Campusbokhandeln”. They often have reminders, interesting ideas and I’ve been lucky to get some with small good luck notes. Very cute and uplifting in my opinion. Oh and of course it’s more environmentally friendly! So many great things.

Fun/random/weird fact about me: Once when I worked as a lifeguard, at an outdoors pool area, a moose jumped in from nowhere. It was an interesting view to see it skipping over the sunbathing guests before I ran towards it. Luckily nobody got hurt but it was several close calls. The moose stood by the spa area for a long time, took a swim and then jumped out again. Poor thing probably had a long week. P.S. Born on Friday the 13th so approach at your own risk.

Frida Lindberg, Head of Lecture

Hi! My name is Frida and I am one of the few originally from Lund! I have a B.A. in Human Rights, during my bachelor I had an exchange close to Washington DC and an internship at the Embassy of Sweden in Zimbabwe. My bachelor thesis was about internet shutdowns in India and I will start my M.Sc. in Asian Studies during this upcoming autumn. My work-related hobbies are the internet, freedom of expression, AI, the future and Asia. Beyond that, I have a ton of other hobbies such as gaming, yoga and quality time with friends/family. I am also trying to learn how to watch scary movies, it is a work in progress to be honest.

Related to UPF, I joined the Activity group in 2016 when I first started studying. I loved it, I got cool friends and I had several great opportunities like visiting the UN-city in Copenhagen and the American Residency in Stockholm (and I also arranged cool parties!). I joined the Lecture group in 2019 because I wanted to decide who I wanted to learn more from and to give myself more of a challenge. It definitely helped me to broaden my perspective on university-life, future work life and I am so grateful to have done all of this together with so many awesome people! Hope to see you all in the upcoming autumn and I would advise all new students to challenge yourselves during your time at university.

Demi Bylon, Head of Lecture

Hi there! I study towards an LL.M degree here at Lund University. I have previously been active in the Law Student Association, studied French and Russian and worked at PwC where I developed an interest in tech law and automation. I wanted to get active in UPF since I always had an interest in foreign affairs and humanitarian law and the association consequently provide such valuable and diverse insights with lectures, workshops and more. Being active in a student association always gives so much back and it has been perfect to combine with long days in the library.

As a person who loves winter and cold climates, I can say that Lund does not offer the kind of winter that I’m used to up north, so I’ve learned that it’s important to have activities planned in to make up for it. One of my favorite activities is to visit museums; Skissernas Museum here in Lund is great but also make sure to visit Glypoteket in Copenhagen and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek. I can also highly recommend seeing one of Malmö Redhawks’ ice hockey games. My hometown team got relegated from SHL last year, so if you grab me for a chat, I’m glad to discuss anything, except that. Hope to see you at the next UPF-happening!

Agnieszka Gryz, Head of Magazine

Hi there! My name is Agnieszka and I’m a second-year student of Development Studies majoring in Political Science. Before commencing my studies in Lund, I graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy and interned for Polish Humanitarian Action and Harvard Business Review Poland. In 2019 I became involved in Youth Climate Movement (also known as YOUNGO – Children and Youth Constituency to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), as a result of which I co-organized the first youth climate conference in Poland (LCOY) and participated in the UN Climate Change Conference COP25.

If you join the UPF this fall, every now and then you’ll bump into me at the office. I’ll probably be binge working on the newest issue of The Perspective (and sipping my fourth coffee of the day), so definitely say hi!

Victoria Becker, Head of Magazine

Hi, I’m Victoria and I am 50% of THE PERSPECTIVE magazine’s double-head. Currently, I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Media and Communication and I’ve previously studied and worked in a wild array of places. From Cologne to Glasgow, to Vilnius to Sweden, I’ve gathered work experience in film, journalism and cultural enterprises but I’m also very curious about the powers of alternative media, media and politics and how international relations and current affairs shape the world we live in. Joining UPF at the beginning of my studies has definitely brought much joy to me as I’m surrounded by smart, creative and kind individuals who keep pushing each other to achieve great things! I constantly feel like I’m learning new stuff – it’s a journey, right?! – and I’m delighted to be part of this year’s board, hopefully helping out with some media expertise to elevate our print magazine even further.

Fun facts about me are a slight obsession with the Foo Fighters, an undisputed love of raspberry sorbet and a very irrational fear of water snakes.

Clara Karlsson Schedvin, Head of Pod&Radio

Hello Everyone! One half of the Radio Heads here; a 28 year old “kulla”, hailing from the heart of Sweden in Dalarna. I’m currently finishing up my education with a second year of the Masters Programme in Economic Development after having finished a Politices Bachelors in Economics from Linköping University. I hope that this background can help me find work with humanitarian aid in the future which quite naturally lead me to UPF last fall, where I got involved with both the activity and radio committees. I had no idea when I joined these committees, the amount of fun I would have and that I would want to take over as head of radio after the year. I also had no idea that I would find such a great group of people with whom I have produced live radio as well as a series of podcasts about climate change and policies, available on Spotify since last year. I am very much looking forward to this year and taking over the radio and podcast committee with Max and all the content we are hoping to produce with you.

Beyond UPF and studying I have a great interest in sports and spend my winter weekends glued in front of anything skiing-related on TV as well as a love of quizzes. Lastly, I would recommend an unexpectedly nice place in Lund called Café Ariman close to AF borgen and the cathedral. It does not look like much from the outside but is in deceptively deep, with comfy sofas and cheap fika and drinks.

Maximilian Onkenhout, Head of Pod&Radio

My name is Maximilian Onkenhout, Max for short, I am 23 years old and originally from Uppsala. I am currently at the last year of my bachelor in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and are really enjoying it. I joined UPF after attending one of their Get Active-meetings and haven’t looked back since. I was fairly excited when joining UPFs radio/podcast committee but was really blown away with how fun it was to produce your own pod and to talk live-radio. That experience is something I want to facilitate for new hungry UPF members with my time as head of The Perspective radio and podcasting.

In my free time I try to stay active, playing a lot of squash is my latest way of doing that, otherwise I like to take It easy, read a book or spend time with friends. Fun fact: I have taken a Guinness world record in champagne tasting. Favourite thing in Lund /tips: When everything is back to normal and events is up and running I would really recommend “Studentaftons” talks they always have super interesting guests and you also get to hear about stuff you otherwise wouldn’t (disclaimer: most of their talks are in Swedish). Also don’t sleep on the botanic garden, that place is gorgeous.

Gabriella Gut, Head of Public Relations

Hey, I’m Gaby, one of the Heads of PR! I’m a Polish-Canadian from Calgary, Canada and I’m in my last year of a M.Sc. programme in Media and Communication Studies. While the focus of my current degree is in contemporary social sciences research, I come from a visual communication design background and have work experience in marketing and creative tech. I became last year’s Head Photographer and a member of the PR committee and was quickly impressed by the fun yet productive atmosphere of the organization, plus the upbeat, go-getter attitude of the people in it. UPF has a cool ability of bringing in students from every programme and the opportunity to connect with people outside of my own field is what really encouraged me to join. That said, as one of the media committee Heads I’m definitely looking forward to collaborating on some rad projects with a creative team this year and skill-sharing along the way.

When I’m not glued to the Adobe suite, I like checking out live music, films (visit Spegeln in Malmö!), and art museums (Lundskonsthall and Moderna Museet Malmö are my favorites in Skåne). I’m also a big fan of the mild weather here in Southern Sweden compared to my hometown’s typical 6 months of snow (I’m not exaggerating), but what I like the most about living in Lund is how close it is to the sea – stunning all year long! See you around!

Roja Moser, Head of Public Relations

Hey hey hey! My name is Roja. I’m co-heading the Public Relations Committee! I joined UPF right at the beginning of my first year in Lund and became active in the PR Committee right away. I enjoyed it so much that (after some encouragement) I decided to go for the position of committee head. I’m currently in my second year of my Master’s in Global Studies, majoring in political science. If I’m not at the UPF office, you’re most likely to find me around the Eden campus – Sambib is my second home (although Gaby wants to make me a LUX fan). Before coming to Lund, I did my Bachelor’s degree at SOAS in International Relations with a regional focus on the Middle East. After graduating, I traveled through Iran for a couple of months before applying to LU.

Apart from uni, sports is a big hobby of mine. I play innebandy with IBK Lund as well as with a recreational team which is why you might see me dragging around my hockey gear and gym stuff a couple of times a week. Coming from Austria, I also like all sorts of winter sports, like snowboarding (which I do myself) and ice hockey (which I prefer to watch rather than do). I also enjoy all sorts of music; if you went through my Spotify playlists you’d find a random collection of pop punk, jazz, 50s/60s oldies, ABBA (of course), and some anime OPs (weebs holla at me). One thing I can recommend you do at least once whilst in Lund is to go to one of Smalands’ themed club nights and enjoy a bowl of vegan curry on the dancefloor.

Maguette Fall, Head of Travel

Bonjour! My name is Maguette! I am currently studying a bachelor in development studies and I am also planning on taking a bachelor in macroeconomics. I came to Lund in September 2019 and ever since then I have been involved in a number of things. Among them is of course my engagement in UPF. Since I clearly can’t make up my mind on what I want to study, I had to be part of as many committees as possible in UPF as well! I was indeed part of the podcast, webzine and travel committee last academic year. But honestly who wouldn’t try everything in UPF? All the committees are amazing with driven and passionate people and you get the possibility to be part of creating and learning about really interesting things. On top of that you forge great friendships with people from around the world.

From my time in UPF, I have learned a lot about myself but also about the world and others. In fact, I had the opportunity to travel to London with the travel committee which enabled me to take a peek at what may await me after my years at university. And, with the podcast committee I could with another member create a podcast report on the trip which was really fun and taught me a lot about patience! Moreover, I got the opportunity to realize my dream of writing my first article thanks to the webzine committee. All in all, the weekly meetings with each committee, and of course the mandatory fika that comes with them, has shown me the importance of being engaged in student organisations because we are the future of tomorrow.

I sincerely hope that you will also learn something new about yourself or the world when you get involved in UPF. And, thus my favourite thing about living in Lund is that, as New York is the city that never sleeps, Lund is the city that never stays still thanks to the incredible student life the city offers!

Thea Sandin, Head of Travel

Hi! My name is Thea and I’m studying a bachelor in PPE, and if you don’t know what that is it’s fine because people rarely do. It’s an acronym for Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which are the three subjects I’m reading. I’m originally from Stockholm but moved to Lund the spring of 2019 and have been enjoying the student life ever since. Last year I went to London with the travel committee and that’s when I first got involved in the UPF. What I really like with UPF is that you get to meet so many new people and that we all come from different academic backgrounds, with people studying either their bachelors or masters, and you could be majoring in computer science or in European studies. And that is also why I love the travel committee because it really brings you together with others. After living in the same cramped hostel room as 5 others for a week you really get to know each other and it is a very unique experience in my opinion. It’s also extraordinary how closely you can delve into a country’s politics by going to it with UPF. We get the chance to meet with so many exciting actors in the political spheres and the best part is that the only ones setting the limits are the committee itself. Do I sound biased towards the travel committee? Yes, perhaps but that’s only because we’re the best 😉

My favourite thing about living in Lund is how long the spring is. Everyone comes to life after the rainy and, frankly, grey winter and you just get like two months more of spring compared to where I grew up. 

Kerime van Opijnen, Head of Webzine

Hi! My name is Kerime and I am one the editors in chief of the webzine! Last year I was active in the Lecture committee and Webzine, and I am very excited to be a part of the board this year! I am a second-year master student in Human Ecology here in Lund. Previously I have studied in the US and I have got a bachelor’s degree in international Environment and Development from a university in Norway. In between studies I also lived and worked in London for a year. Originally, I come from the Netherlands, but I clearly love going abroad and really like exploring new cultures and learning new languages. In my spare time I also like to play volleyball, to read, or to bake some delicious vegan cakes (mainly because I really like eating them). I am also a big dog/animal lover and love to go hiking. My academic interests centre around European politics, human rights, and environmental justice.

To anyone who is considering becoming (more) active in UPF this year I would say: definitely do it! You never know how many fun things this will bring you, maybe you will make some great friends, learn new skills, or get even better at something you were already passionate about, or you might even end up right here; in next year’s board!

Daniel Bergdal, Head of Webzine

Daniel is the name and webzine editing is the game. I grew up in a town in northern Sweden so rural that we had survival lessons all the way from our first year of primary school until the end of our pre-secondary education. This has given me the ability to navigate uncharted woodlands and snowy terrain while still being able to maintain shelter and sustenance. All, of course, completely useless skills in my current residence, Malmö. In fact, my sense of direction in cities is barely enough to get me to and from the local bus stop. As for education I have the, maybe rather odd, academic background of both political science and medicine. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have a strong interest in politics and health. That interest, especially, covering what might be considered their marriage; the now very topical issue of public health. My other great political interest lies in the field of sustainability and how to prepare ourselves, and the planet, for the future.

When it comes to my personal interests and hobbies I am a bit of an omnivore, with interests ranging from ecology and history to martial arts and baking. One of the things that I really like to do however is going on day trips to the beautiful national parks and nature reserves that Skåne has to offer. There are many not too far from Lund, such as “Skrylle naturreservat” and “Söderåsens Nationalpark”, both of which I heartily recommend. For the best falafel go to “Värnhems Falafel” in Malmö. If someone tells you otherwise they are trying to deceive you.