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Claudia Muñoz-Rojas Domínguez, President

Hello dearest members of UPF!

I am thrilled to serve as the President of UPF for the operational year of 2023-2024. I want to express my gratitude for the trust you have placed in me to lead UPF, and I am genuinely happy to take on the responsibilities of this role!

A little about me: I was born and raised in Madrid, and now, at 25 years old, I find myself in the second year of my master’s program here in Lund. Joining UPF during my first year was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my academic journey. It opened up a world of opportunities, friendships, and personal growth that I couldn’t have found elsewhere.

My vision for the presidency is to ensure that UPF is a place where students, no matter their background, can develop their academic and personal skills. I believe that UPF must be a community that goes beyond our time as students, so one of my main goals this year is to improve our alumni network & our core functions. UPF should be an ongoing place of learning, improvement, and opportunity where current and past members can contribute. I am looking forward to sharing this year with you!

Elliott Gunnell, Vice President

Howdy! I am honored to serve as your vice president this year. I am originally from Detroit, MI. I currently study the Masters program in Sociology of Law here at Lund, Sweden’s most international University. I have been in the association for 4 years and I am happy to be the most senior ranking member still participating in daily operations. I am an innovator and I like to think of new ways to make systems, organizations and connections more efficient and meaningful. I am passionate about discussing the world events of our day together. 

My goal this year as VP is to organize large scale events for all of our members to network and engage with. More importantly, to have fun together. Sometimes UPF is a little difficult to wrap our minds around, but at the end of the day; everyone in our membership is updated and ready to discuss what’s going on in the world. If this resonates with you please join us and get active on my team. 

I am the Chief of member recruitment (CMR) and if you see me or my team around town, please holler at us, we will reach out. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me. I am always open to hear your feedback and ideas about how we can improve. 

P.S. I love a good cup of coffee and I’m always ready for conversations. 

Fabio Cavaliere , Secretary


I am Fabio and I’m the Secretary of UPF Lund for this year. I come from Napoli, Southern Italy and I currently study a MSc in European Affairs. UPF was the first organization I joined when I first arrived 3 years ago for my Bachelor’s and I have enjoyed it from day 1. 

As a Secretary, I take care of the newsletter, the member registry as well as taking minutes of the Board Meetings. When I’m not a Secretary, I love cooking and eating, traveling and all kinds of sports!

If you have any questions about the association, being the Secretary or even just travel recommendations to Italy, feel free to contact me!

Francisco Cobos Cabral, Treasurer

Hej hej! My name is Francisco but everyone calls me Paco, and I encourage you to do that as well. I am 25 years old and I am from Mexico City, where I spent most of my life and learned how to survive under high levels of air pollution, traffic jams and spicy taco overdoses. All these teachings  made me a bit nihilistic and danger-sceptic.
I have a wide variety of interests. During the last seven years of my life I have studied Architecture, International Relations, Economics, courses in Philosophy, Law, Mathematics, Anthropology, History, Sociology and my current BSc in Economy and Society. One thing I am really not interested in is sports, just so you know.
My journey in UPF started by writing sporadic articles for the Webzine and irregularly attending Radio meetings and recordings. Yet, I only became consistently active in UPF in 2021 when I became Debate Coordinator. Debate was great since I found a way to make use of some of my nihilism for “productive” purposes. At the end of February 2023, I decided to apply to become the Treasurer for UPF since I knew it was needed and I had some previous experience and well, here we are now.
If you need a reimbursement for an expense, if you want to discuss credits and debits, budgets, or your latest achievements on Excel, you can of course do it with me whenever you find me in the office. If you would rather talk about more fun topics such as politics, art, social movements, sci-fi or anything else, join debate on Tuesdays  or feel free to invite me to crack open a cold one in a park hehe

Isabella Silva Ortiz, UFS Representative

Anna Dorina Szabo, Head of Activity

Karolina Markusson, Head of Activity

Hey everyone! 

 I am Karolina and I am one of the Heads of the Activity Committee. I originally come from Jönköping, Sweden, but I’ve lived in Lund for the last 4 years where I’m currently studying my masters in International Human Rights Law (I welcome all jokes about law students warmly). I just came back from exchange in Italy, so if you ever see me looking sad, that’s probably why…

I have been helping with organising activities for UPF for more than two years and I was in charge of organising the Ball in 2022. This year I’m planning to organise many more exciting events! If you want to help out with this, and be part of the most fun committee in UPF, you should join us for the activity meetings on Tuesdays at 19:00. During my free time I like hanging out with my friends, discussing politics (especially when it is about the US), going on hikes, or resting while knitting, baking, or cooking nice food. Hit me up at if you have any questions or are interested in joining the committee! Hope to see you soon!

Dalija Logar , Head of Career

Hej, My name is Dalija and I come from Slovenia! As my fellow head of the Career Committee, I study the Master’s program in European Studies which is a bit different from my Bachelor’s: I studied French and Italian language and literature as I absolutely love languages and exploring culture through learning a language. In my free time, I also love to travel (I’m very excited for the trips the Travel Committee is organising this year!), to read and I’m very passionate about sports.

I joined UPF as soon as I came to Lund last year. I really wanted to join a debate club and I saw that UPF has one. In the first semester I enjoyed debating; it really helped me to form my arguments better and also get over my fear of public speaking. In the second semester I joined the Career Committee and their Prep Course which I enjoyed enormously! I found the speakers and their career paths really inspiring and it opened my eyes about so many different career paths within foreign affairs.

This year, together with my co-head Kristin, I would like to keep the excellent work done last year and increase collaborations with other UPF committees. I believe we have a fantastic year ahead of us!

Kristin Häsler , Head of Career

Hej! My name’s Kristin and I’m from Germany. I currently study the master’s programme in European Studies at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University. I also have a degree in International Tourism Studies, which I studied in Germany and Norway. Next to my work at UPF this year I will do an internship in Berlin in the fall semester at a political non-partisan NGO.
My engagement with the Career Committee started last year in September. I joined mainly because I was curious about what jobs I can do after graduating and because I wanted to know how those career-related UPF events are being organized. I also became one of the Event Facilitator Trustees in March. My aspirations for the committee are to keep it an open and welcoming place for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities they have when it comes to working in foreign affairs. Together with my co-head Dalija, I want to increase the attendance at and the attractivity of our events as well as collaborations with other UPF committees. 
In my free time I like to explore nature, knit (only recently started to learn), read, and take care of my plants.
I hope to see you at one of our events!

Marco Rizzi , Head of Lecture

Nora Eliassen , Head of Lecture

Iris Diotallevi , Head of Lecture

Ffion McEvoy, Head of Magazine

I grew up in a rural backwater on the rugged west coast of Wales – the land of sheep, slate
and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Armed with an Irish
passport and a burning desire to escape Brexit debates with xenophobic pensioners, I
catapulted myself out of the UK as soon as I could. Although I’ve mostly gotten rid of the
accent, old habits die hard so you’ll regularly find me consuming excessive amounts of tea
and apologising to inanimate objects. 
Since leaving the motherland, I’ve lived/worked in the Netherlands, Sweden, Indonesia,
Denmark and Norway. I love stand-up comedy, diffusing my existential dread about the
climate crisis, and anything weird, wacky and wonderful. My pet peeves are American
English, the confusion of French speakers when I tell them my name, and being asked which
part of England Wales is, but I accept all with grace.
Are you intrigued by the world around you and ready to write about it? Do you have a hot
take, a story, a passion or cause? Put your voice out there, make your parents proud, claim the
bragging rights of print publication – swing by a magazine meeting! Or reach out through All writers, first-timers and old-timers, are always more than

Philippa Scholz, Head of Magazine

Where I am from has always been a bit of a waffled answer, but I usually tell people that I grew up all over the UK, I have German parents and that I feel solidly European.

I spent my adolescence designing magazines, studying fashion and aspiring to work in the textiles industry either as a journalist or as a designer. However, once I learnt about the horrific supply chain, I changed career paths, became interested in human rights and ‘development’ issues, and ended up studying for my BSc in Development Studies (BIDS) at Lund.

Despite the more academic route I took, I have always tried to tie my interest to my passion for creativity. Since studying higher education, I combined my passion for learning about global systems and injustices with my skills in writing and design. Now that I am back after working a year to study an MSc in Development and Management (LUMID), I am delighted to be co-head of Magazine for 2023-2024.

Antoine Vincenot, Head of Pod&Radio

Hej! My name is Antoine and I’m one of the two co-heads of the Pod & Radio committee. I’m originally from France, but I’ve been studying/working in different European countries over the last few years, most recently in the Netherlands where I graduated with a Bachelor in European Languages and Cultures from the University of Groningen. I am now starting my second year of the Master in European Studies (MAPES) at Lund University, getting to enjoy one more year in beautiful Skåne!

I joined UPF as an active member in January 2023, after my now-co-head Natalie dragged me to a Pod & Radio meeting – I’m glad she did! Joining UPF, and being a part of this vibrant community of students all sharing a passion for foreign affairs has been the best decision of my time in Sweden. I’ve always thought that being able to interact with people from all over the world is the most enriching experience one can have, and UPF creates a space for us to share these precious moments together.

When I’m not at the UPF office or in our live show studio, you can find me at the swimming pool, at the library or on (what feels like) the world’s longest Flixbus trips.

PS: I’m slowly getting into baking again, if you have any good recipe to share please send them to Thanks!

Natalie de Souza, Head of Pod&Radio

Hej! My name is Natalie and I am 26 years old. I am American-Brazilian from Oregon, US and am studying the Master of Arts program in European Studies at Lund University. As part of my studies, I am currently undergoing a semester-long internship in the Communications Department at UN City Copenhagen. 

During my bachelor I studied advertising, and had the incredible opportunity to do a year-long exchange to Uppsala University, which is when I fell in love with Sweden! Wanting a similar experience, I chose to come to Lund University, where I quickly became active in the Pod and Radio committee at UPF. 

Outside UPF, I love to study languages (Swedish and French for example), travel, and do crafts such as knitting, jewelry making and sewing. 

As Head of Pod and Radio, I am excited to lead our committee members this year alongside my co-head Antoine!

Ronja Lamberg , Head of Public Relations

Edwina Magnus, Head of PR

Cajsa Aronsson, Head of Travel

Hey there!

My name is Cajsa, and I am head of travel together with Emily. Last semester we went to Tunis, Tunisia, and this spring we are planning on going to Tbilisi, Georgia. This upcoming travel will be my fourth UPF trip, and I think this definitely shows my love for this committee! I have before joined UPF to Berlin and Istanbul. These trips have for sure been eye-opening and inspiring; we have visited really interesting organizations, experienced new cultures and I have also made new friends.

I am originally from Gothenburg, but I have spent longer periods of time abroad. For instance, I was in Stellenbosch, South Africa for my exchange last year, which was truly a blast. These experiences, together with the cultural melting pot that Lund can be, inspired and prepared me to want to become Head of Travel.



Emily Wudie Jonsson, Head of Travel

Joosep Raudsepp, Head of Webzine

Heya everyone! I’m Joosep and I come from the beautiful town of Tartu, Estonia. I am a third-year BIDS (Bachelor’s in Development Studies) student at Lund University. So, as a social sciences student with a deep passion for foreign affairs, geopolitics and the news.. the Webzine committee was essentially the perfect place for me. I have been on the committee for over a year now. I started off with just joining committee meetings, enjoying my fika and discussing world events. Later on, I got to writing. I submitted articles on topics such as draft evasion in Russia, Moldova’s west-east political schism, what happened to the Catalan independence movement and Ukrainian educational diplomacy. From January to June I was active as a sub-editor and fact-checker. And now I’m here as the Head of Webzine along with Johanna! If you have any questions about anything we do on the committee please just email us at Or even better, show up in person! We have our meetings every Tuesday at 17:00.
Some of my hobbies include… reading and discussing world events and geopolitics (surprise). Apart from that, I enjoy hiking A LOT—despite the initial shock of having to spend almost a year in the Estonian army, I discovered my passion for walking through nature with a backpack. What else, I love to travel… if money permits. Oh, and I enjoy playing computer games occasionally. Usually, I get way too into them for a few weeks and then I promptly forget about them for a couple of months. One day in the future I will finally finish playing Skyrim.

Lauren Gerber , Head of Webzine


Seth Engellau, Head of Debate


My name is Seth Engellau and I am the head of the Debate Committee. I was born and raised in Lund, Sweden – a rare breed among the student body at Lund university! 

I study the politicies candidate program and have also studied extra courses in rhetoric, psychology and AI. Before I started my university studies at Lund University I served for five years in the Royal Swedish Navy, I am currently a reserve officer in the Swedish armed forces.

I became active in UPF Lund by participating in their regular debates, which eventually led me to run for the position I am currently managing as head of the Debate Committee. I can highly recommend that you join UPF Lund, it is an association which offers a multitude of different opportunities such as hosting high quality lectures, personally developing and rewarding debates and fun social activities such as karaoke parties to name just a few.

Wanna do yourself a favor as a student studying in or in the vicinity of Lund? 

Then join UPF Lund.

Fun fact: I competed in and won the Swedish and European championships in history during my second year in high-school.

Tawfique Elahi, Head of Debate