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Preparations for Rabat


The travel committee is currently in the midst of preparing our upcoming trip to Rabat; the supposedly beautiful capital of Morocco. Funnily enough, our sister organization UF Malmö will also travel to Rabat later this spring. This has been of great amusement and help, as we have been able to exchange thoughts and ideas during our preparations. The theme of this trip is the United Nations sustainable development goal number 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions. In our upcoming blog posts you will be able to read more about how we connected this theme to our time in Rabat. But firstly we will finish our preparations, as we are soon about to embark on yet another adventure with our favorite association.

Since we always try to squeeze in as much as possible during our days abroad, we usually find ourselves on a pretty tight time schedule throughout our trips. We usually have several study visits planned to different organizations and institutes, and whenever there is some spare time we try to explore as much as possible of the surroundings. In other words, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down, reflect on our impressions and write a blog post about it. Therefore, we have decided to try out something new this spring. We will post continuously throughout the semester, instead of posting every day during our travels. In this way, we will be able to give you greater insight into the whole process of planning, preparing and traveling with UPF.


Photo: Andrew Nash


This blog post was written by Caroline, Head of the Travel Committee