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September 2016

A site worth viewing

UPF Lund proudly presents our new website,! Our new website features more pictures, content, and improved user experience for visitors. Those familiar with the old webpage will note that the basic functionality is still around, although some new clever functions have been added, making… Read More »A site worth viewing

Approaching Washington D.C.

–       … Washington? –       Washington! Once Fredrik and I had been elected as Heads of the Travel Committee for this board year, our choice of destination was the first thing to discuss. Actually, it wasn’t really much of a discussion. I would like to think… Read More »Approaching Washington D.C.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is the associations highest decision making body. The annual meeting this fall will be held on September 29th at 17.00, Eden in room 230. All members are welcomed and have the right to vote!   All documents relevant to the meeting are to… Read More »Annual Meeting

In the firing Line

The identity and rage of Hong Kong locals ”Are you press? What are these questions for? My English is more social, so you better speak to someone else.” His English is impeccable, but I’m a foreigner and he doesn’t really understand what the Association of… Read More »In the firing Line