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A site worth viewing

UPF Lund proudly presents our new website,!

Our new website features more pictures, content, and improved user experience for visitors. Those familiar with the old webpage will note that the basic functionality is still around, although some new clever functions have been added, making it easier to access information.

The ambition has been to create a forum that better reflects the continuous work and new ideas that defines UPF Lund. The new website offers more up-to-date content with both new articles and pictures from the association. Updates have been an ongoing project throughout the past year, carried out through a team specifically created for the project. Julia Bergström, the leader of the project group, points out that every member of the team has contributed with their unique set of talents to ensure a well-working website for the association.

“Hopefully the updated website will better reflect the professionalism that permeates UPF in all other aspects”, Julia says.

“A bearing thought during the work has been to make the website as functional and attractive as possible, for all users. All text and functions that didn’t have a purpose were not welcome in the new website. We hope this update will make it easier for members and visitors to discover new sides of UPF Lund”.

Though the old website has worked out well, UPF Lund wants to increase the online presence of the association. A reason for this update has been to give the association’s events a bigger place online. The new website provides a comprehensive list of upcoming events, as well as the possibility to post event photos, without having to turn to Facebook.

“This new website will provide a new leap forward in greatly improving our public relation capabilities”, says Anahita Nicoobayan Shiri, UPF president for the year of operations 2015-2016.

“It will provide a comprehensive view of the goings-on of our association, with easy access to articles, radio shows, blog posts and other important information. Content will be user-friendly and easy to access for old and new members alike, as well as curious visitors.”

UPF Lund expresses its sincere gratitude towards the project group behind the update for all the work and dedication they have put in to making this idea a reality:

Julia Bergström
Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson
Sebastian Pundars
Yannick Schwarz
Felix Felicisson

UPF is already a vital part in Lund, both for student life and the discussion on foreign affairs. Hopefully, the new webpage will make sure this is also reflected online for years to come!


New position: head of IT

Does the new website sound like a lot of fun? Maybe our new position, Head of IT, in the UPF board is something for you? Read more about the role and how to apply here:
As head of IT, you will be in charge of the Association of Foreign Affairs’ technical issues- especially technology based online. This includes general maintenance, as well as future development, of the two websites ( and and keeping track of the membership registry (for example creating an online signup possibility). You will also be cooperating with the PR committee and the board regarding the content of and with webzine concerning The maintenance of wifi and iZettle will also be included in your post. You will be a board member as well, therefore participate in board activities, such as board meetings and UPF events. Any experience with WordPress or any other sort of technical background will be an advantage for you, but is not a requirement. We are looking for someone who is eager to learn more about technology and board duties. We really value that you are a creative person and that you have the will to develop and start new projects. Most importantly- that you have an interest in UPF!


How to candidate

Please send a short letter to where you tell us a bit about yourself, your interest in UPF and why you are applying for the position. This is due the 4th of October. Interviews will thereafter be held between the 7th and the 9th of October. If you can’t be available for an interview that weekend, please state so in your application and we will find another solution for you.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what the positions require (tasks, responsibilities and duties), please do not hesitate to contact us at