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Welcome post for the UPF travel trip to Berlin!


Welcome to the travel blog for UPF’s trip to Berlin. The trip is 6 days, and we are going to visit, among others, the Bundesbank, the Swedish embassy, and UNHCR. In total, we are 12 students from Lund University. To get to know us a little bit better and what we will do during the trip, here are a few of us who will be going!


Why did you apply for the trip? 

I applied for the trip in order to explore a new city, meet new exciting people, and, at the same time, learn a lot more about German and Swedish culture. I have just moved to Lund, so I have tried to find different ways to meet people and UPF is a great way to do that. This trip will help me learn about different perspectives and I am very excited.  (Laila, Bosnia-Herzegovina, studying a bachelor in development studies)

What are you most excited about? And why? 

I’m excited about a lot of the things that we are planning to do, and one of them is to go on study visits as these are probably not something I would go to if I were about to travel to Berlin with family and friends, and not as a group from school. Also,I’m very excited to get to know the people within the travel group more and together create this trip and make memories.  (Lisa, Sweden, studying a bachelor in economics) 

Why did you choose Berlin? 

We chose Berlin partly because neither Caroline nor I have ever been to Berlin and we wanted to experience a new city. The main reason is of course Berlin’s vibrant culture with great food, museums, bars, etc. but also its historic significance and the fact that it is currently Europe’s biggest economic hub and a lot of the political decisions that affect us in Sweden and the rest of the EU in some way depend on what is happening in Germany. It will be very interesting to see what some of the locals have to say about the election for example! Plus, we wanted to go somewhere fairly close and with good covid policies because we are after all still in the pandemic.  (Linnea, Sweden, studying a bachelor in politics and economics)