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On the move: Copenhagen-Paris-Mumbai

Hello all!

We’ve arrived in Mumbai, safe and sound. Thursday was spent hanging out at airports in Copenhagen and Paris where we played cards, ate croissants and macarons (from Ladurée, omnomnom) and finally just became incredibly passive while waiting for our flight to take off. The flight to India was delayed a couple of hours, but after 9 hours of sleep, food and Indian cinema, we’re finally here!
The group is currently sitting at the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport in Mumbai, waiting for Maari. We seem to be the only tourists here, further confirming the fact that we’re visiting Mumbai, uhm… off season, if you will.

The first stop is TISS University, where we’ll be staying during our week here in Mumbai.

Bild 2014-06-06 kl. 10.04 #2Tired but happy

Immediately after we left the airplane, we were greeted with a thick wall of incredible warmth and humidity. As we haven’t left the airport yet, we are unsure whether that’s what awaits us outside of these walls, or if that sauna was simply the result of the tube between the airport and the airplane absorbing heat from the sun. Stay tuned!