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Day 2 in Berlin – Friday


Today was our second day here in Berlin. We did not have any meetings planned so we were free to explore the city on our own. Many people took a slow morning, while others ran or walked some kilometers in a nearby park. Afterwards, four of us ate brunch in Mitte. My quinoa bowl was amazing! While some people needed to study,  Laila and I (Cajsa) went to the Dalí museum. On our way around town we managed to see some of the most famous historical sites: Brandenburger Tor, the German parliament, Holocoast Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie. 

In the afternoon, all of us went to a contemporary art museum, Berlinische Galerie in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood. They had an exhibition about art made in Berlin from 1870 until today. I found it especially interesting to see how the art was affected by the wars. The museum explains the exhibition like this: 

“Walking around this exhibition is like time travel through Berlin: the Kaiser’s era, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi dictatorship, the new beginnings after 1945, Cold War in the divided city, and the counter-cultures and unconventional lifestyles that evolved in East and West under the shadow of the Wall. In East Berlin, an alternative art community developed from the late 1970s. In West Berlin from the late 1970s, aggressive art by the “Neue Wilden” placed the divided city back in the international limelight.” 

Later, we ate dinner in Friedrichshain. We split the group in two: some wanted to eat ramen and some others chose Japanese curry. 

On a personal note, I found vegan Pretzel at an organic supermarket. This made me very happy – I love pretzels! Many of us also found some nice clothes at Humana next to Alexanderplatz. 



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