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Day 4 in Berlin – Sunday



Happy Sunday! Today we started the day catching up with studies at a cafe. After that we went to the flea market in Mauerpark. Unfortunately, this Sunday the market was smaller than usual and there were a lot of people. However, some of us managed to get some good purchases! 


After the market we strolled in Brunnenviertel. It was a really cozy area with a lot of restaurants and small shops. We could not agree on one restaurant so, for instance, Lisa bought a kebab, Moa gnocchi and I bought a sandwich with tofu. Later, we decided to go to Museum Island, which  is an island in central Berlin where they have some of the most popular museums; for instance, Pergamon, Alte Nationalgalerie and Bode-Museum. Sadly, the tickets were sold out. Despite that, we were happy that we saw the island, the architecture was nice and Berlin’s main cathedral is located there. 


Pauwel, Linnea and I decided to go to the Stasi museum in Nurmenßtrase instead. I found it interesting to see another part of the town. The museum is located in the old Stasi headquarters; in other words, in old East Berlin. There was a noticable difference between central Berlin and this area. We found the museum very educational. It was particularly fascinating to see and read about the equipment and methods Stasi used to spy and control the population. To exemplify, one family noticed seventeen years after the wall fell that they had a listening device in their door that Sstasi had planted there. They also showed a recorded interview with a lady that witnessed about physical torture. Because Stasi saw her as a threat, they moved around her belongings in her apartment to affect her mental health. 


For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant. 


Additionally, other people in our group went to the Bode-Museum and Humboldt Forum. All of them said that they liked their visits!