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Day 1 – The Kigali Memorial Centre and exploring the city with motorcycle taxis

Hi dear readers

This morning we woke up to the beautiful sunny hills of Kigali. Over a tasty breakfast of scrambeled eggs the travel committee met again for the first time since we left Sweden. Our hostel is a cute house with a traditional African touch and a large garden with a swimming pool, volleyball court, and even a bowling alley.

The hostels balcony


And its bowling alley

We started our trip in a quite heavy way by visiting the Kigali Memorial Centre, a museum about the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The museum contained pictures and stories from the genocide, and in the garden there were graves of some 200 000 victims from the massacres. It was a heavy but interesting tour and the whole group found it very giving.


The memorial center

After lunch we transported ourselves to our next destination with the local way of getting around – the motorcycle taxis. We have a feeling there will be more of this kind of tansports during our stay in this country. It’s really an amazing, but maybe not the safest, way of moving around in this hilly city.


A high speed photo

The urgent need of an ATM lead us down town. After quite some time we finally found a bank before we spent some time walking around the local market, buying fresh fruit. Once again we catched a group of motorcycle taxis and took a ride up a hill to get a nice view of Kigali from a distance. In the pictures below you can see where we ended up.

One of many amazing views

We ended our day with a dinner at a nice Ethiopian restaurant (since the Rwandan one was closed on Sundays) and went back home to our hostel to enjoy some local beer over some games.

All the best!

/ Hanna & Martina