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Meetings: Tuesdays, 17.00 – 18.00


About us

The Webzine is the online branch of The Perspective! Every year we publish many interesting articles about foreign affairs written by a group of wonderful writers. Anyone who wants to gain experience in writing or wants to use the writing skills that they already have can join the Webzine. Having an open and welcoming environment is very important to us and it means that our writers are a super diverse bunch!

Because our writers come from all over the world with different backgrounds their stories do too, and what topics they are interested in within foreign affairs varies greatly. For example, our article topics have ranged from ongoing struggles in Kashmir to covering the US-election, and from the conflicts in Syria to the history of nuclear tests on the Bahama Islands. We discuss our ideas for articles, breaking news, and upcoming events at our weekly meetings. These are always casual and fun and above all an excuse for us to have some fika together.

Head of Webzine

Johanna Marie Fredrich

My name is Johanna and I am one of the editors of The Perspective’s Webzine.

Besides my passion for writing and and chatting about foreign affairs, I also seem to like numbers and graphs quite a lot as I am currently studying national economics here at Lund University. With this degree, I am probably more of a rarity among the humanity-students-dominated crowd of UPF, but what I love about UPF and the Webzine is that with our diverse academic and cultural backgrounds everyone brings in a different perspective. 

I am originally from Braunschweig a city in northern Germany. The region is known for Volkswagen and Jägermeister, but what I like the most about my city is the Christmas market in December, which I recommend everyone to visit! I have been in Lund for three years now and became active in UPF over the last year. Writing has always been something that I enjoyed a lot and when I became active in the Webzine I quickly realised that journalistic writing is something I would really like to get more into. Therefore I am now more than happy to be one of the editors of the Webzine for this operational year. 

When I am not editing or writing articles, or studying some supply and demand curves, you will normally meet me while eating Pizza with my friends, in the squash hall or on a football field practising or playing a game against a small town team from Skåne.

Head of Webzine

Joosep Raudsepp

Heya everyone! I’m Joosep and I come from the beautiful town of Tartu, Estonia. I am a third-year BIDS (Bachelor’s in Development Studies) student at Lund University. So, as a social sciences student with a deep passion for foreign affairs, geopolitics and the news.. the Webzine committee was essentially the perfect place for me. I have been on the committee for over a year now. I started off with just joining committee meetings, enjoying my fika and discussing world events. Later on, I got to writing. I submitted articles on topics such as draft evasion in Russia, Moldova’s west-east political schism, what happened to the Catalan independence movement and Ukrainian educational diplomacy. From January to June I was active as a sub-editor and fact-checker. And now I’m here as the Head of Webzine along with Johanna! If you have any questions about anything we do on the committee please just email us at Or even better, show up in person! We have our meetings every Tuesday at 17:00.

Some of my hobbies include… reading and discussing world events and geopolitics (surprise). Apart from that, I enjoy hiking A LOT—despite the initial shock of having to spend almost a year in the Estonian army, I discovered my passion for walking through nature with a backpack. What else, I love to travel… if money permits. Oh, and I enjoy playing computer games occasionally. Usually, I get way too into them for a few weeks and then I promptly forget about them for a couple of months. One day in the future I will finally finish playing Skyrim.

Get Involved!

The Perspective Webzine always welcomes new members so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions, comments or ideas, or if you would like to get involved! Our email is

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