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Sunday, day 3 – Elephant island and Indian comedy

Sunday’s biggest project was to explore  one of the main tourist attractions of Mumbai, the Elephant island. A slightly misleading name when the only animals we met were banana-stealing monkeys. Originally, the name comes from a grand elephant statue made of stone, which however now is destroyed. Left on the island are world heritage temples carved out of the mountain, as we walked through the crowds of Indian tourists the sun gave us new experience of the word sweating.


IMG_8378 IMG_8414


Oskar and his new Indian buddies.

The boat ride back gave us a nice breeze and a good look at the skyline of east Mumbai. The foggy view made us realise of how much pollution this gigantic city produces, and as we cruised the water we got to see some of all the big oil rigs that lined the coast.

IMG_8447In the evening we had a superb dinner with different tastes of the Indian vegetarian cuisine. We could not have been more amazed of the flavours of these dishes, dishes I cannot even pronounce, more unlikely spell.


Fredrik was served like a prince.


Full and very pleased, we went to the National Centre of Performing Arts to enjoy what turned out to be a hilarious comedy show performed by four guys who mixed traditional stand up with music, improvisation and interaction with the audience. Sitting in the front row made the jokes about the Swedes pretty common. Maari even got a song dedicated to her! The day ended with a cold local beer, Kingfisher, before we headed back home through the chaotic traffic.


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