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Preparations for Rabat

  The travel committee is currently in the midst of preparing our upcoming trip to Rabat; the supposedly beautiful capital of Morocco. Funnily enough, our sister organization UF Malmö will also travel to Rabat later this spring. This has been of great amusement and help,… Read More »Preparations for Rabat

Time to say goodbye…

  On our last day together in DC we visited the Swedish Embassy. It is located in the beautiful House of Sweden; just by the waterfront, with neighbouring buildings like The Kennedy Centre and Washington Harbour. Considering the stunning location, it is an experience only… Read More »Time to say goodbye…

Seeing Clinton in Philly

With the Atlatinc usually separating us from the action the three and a half hours between Washington DC and Philadelphia felt like a very short distance. Almost all of us decided to spend our Saturday going to see a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in person.… Read More »Seeing Clinton in Philly