Webzine Committee

Webzine committee meetings take place 18:00-19:00 on Tuesdays at our office on the 5th floor on AF-Borgen.

The US elections, a nuclear Iran, minority rights in Burma and the politics of 3D printers – Utrikesperspektiv.se, UPF’s web-magazine, offers insight on a broad range of topics relevant to foreign affairs. Our articles, which are written in English, are published weekly.

Do you want to write for us? Utrikesperspektiv.se always welcomes new members. What topics you cover is decided solely by your own interests. Furthermore, during the process of writing an article, you will be assigned a coach and proof-reader. An important goal of the web-magazine is that our writers improve not only their understanding of foreign affairs, but also their general writing skills.

Editorial meetings take place on Tuesdays, and we organize After work on Fridays.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions, comments or ideas, or if you would like to get involved. E-mail: webzine@upflund.se

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