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Our Latest Articles

  • The Human Cost of the Global Gag Rule

    A few days into his presidency Donald Trump, like his Republican predecessors before him, reinstated the infamous Global Gag Rule. In its more than 30 years of on-and-off existence, this rule has severely affected organisations working with sexual and reproductive health services in countries all over the world. It was during the United Nations’ International Conference on …

  • Strategy or Ambiguity? Taiwan-China Relations in the Age of Trump

    Before even having time to organize his sock drawer in the White House, Donald Trump managed to endanger US relations with China and broke the policy tradition that had seen six presidents before him come and go. Traditionally, the US has acknowledged the One China Policy while engaging in trade and security agreements with Taiwan. …

  • Gambling in Japan: Has Abe Gone Too Far?

    Everyone travelling to Japan knows it: Pachinko (パチンコ). In the loud, well-lit halls dozens of people gamble, throwing steel balls into slot machines. The steel balls make a clicking sound (sounding like ‘Pachinko’ – explaining the name), and together the multiple rows of machines make a deafening noise. Still, the Pachinko are popular and form …