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Day 4 (29th of March) – The Asian side


Today we all traveled to the Asian side together Ali. We started the journey with a vary late “breakfast” at around two a clock and there are few times in my life that i have eaten so much food. Me and a few others ordered a full Turkish breakfast with enormous amount of bread, a chili paste, yogurt with honey, jam more and we also ordered a Turkish omelet-type dish with eggs, tomatoes, cheese and pepper as well as fried bread with cheese.

So much food


After the delicious meal we moved on and arrived at the ferry that took us over The Bosphorus. It was one of the most peaceful experiences in my life. On the ferries top deck you could see the vast city and seemingly neverending city in all directions with all its mosques, houses and streets. All to the roaring sound of the ferry ans the seagulls that followed it, it was really beautiful.

Nice view with some nice people

The Bosphorus

Well on the Asian side we walked around and absorbed the atmosphere with Ali as our guide. After a while we stopped a took some coffee and after another while we stopped for dinner. In this place you could choose from several already cooked meals that where served instantly. After this we went back to hostel for an early nights sleep.

Dinner on the Asian side 

/ Rickard