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The world is yours; how will you shape it?

Hopefully better than we did.

The globe costume accentuated my curves in all the wrong places. Not to mention poor Mercator, the father of modern maps, who was probably turning in his grave at the sight of his beloved creation. Chopped, screwed, mashed and mangled – and no longer resembling anything like the world he depicted.

But while art and design are not necessarily our fortes at UPF, we are a bit better when it comes to foreign affairs. Our 600 members range from future influencers, policymakers and corrupt dictators (world shapers), to the average person on the street with no knowledge of foreign affairs whatsoever. So if you are interested in a career in diplomacy, want to learn more about the current events taking place on your doorstep, or just want to scout out a decent holiday destination, then we have something for you. (I hear Greece is very cheap at the moment).

There are a number of ways that you can find out more about us:

  • Join us for the ‘Get Active’ meeting on 14th September at 18:00, in Athen (AF Borgen), where the heads of our 8 committees will give you a better idea of what our organisation has to offer.

Just remember: the world is yours; how will you shape it?



This post was written by James Davies, Head of the Lecture Committee. To find out more about the lecture committee, click here.