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If you’re not moving forward…

… You’re not going anywhere. That’s why UPF has a career committee; to make sure that you can move forward in your career by engaging in fun and interesting activities and develop with experts and other motivated students. And as time is ticking away, we are closing in on the start of our mentorship program and prep course.

We (Anna and I) have been working non-stop since August to make sure that next year’s programs will be better than ever. This has lead to a planned study visit for the mentorship program to an exciting city, where the participants can see how international careers and diplomacy works in practice. It has also lead to an intriguing speakers list for our prep course; we have speakers from places such as Control Risks Copenhagen, the British Foreign Commonwealth Office, OSSE and the UN.

Being head of career has let me develop my organizational skills more than ever. There are 15 students for the prep course, 20 students for the mentorship program, 20 mentors, 2 PA students handling applications and 10 speakers that we need to communicate with. Venues and travels need to be booked, documents written and activities planned. Needless to say, as head of career, you need to be on top. All this for our members to be inspired and learn more about international leadership and careers!


The choice

OK, so you’re convinced. You want to develop and do what you can to guarantee your future success. But how are you supposed to know whether the prep course or the mentorship program is for you? What are the major differences between the prep course and the mentorship program?

  • The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund, in collaboration with the Diplomatic Club in Lund, organizes The Mentorship Program. Through the program, we link participating students with a mentor, and the mentor provides guidance with professional expertise. The aim of the program is to give the participating students the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of what it takes to work with specific international or political issues as well as how various organizations actually work.
  • The Prep Course exists to inspire and guide students who aspire to work internationally. The course consists of eight seminars with knowledgeable and experienced people who have an international work profile. Two workshops, focusing on international leadership, are also included in the course.
  • The Mentorship Program is specifically made for students with more specific ambitions, who want to set goals that their mentor can help them reach. The Diplomatic Club matches mentor and mentee based on the mentee’s interests and goals.
  • The Prep Course is primarily made for students who are closing in on the end of their education and are still looking for inspiration to help them choose direction in their career, and are looking for tips and inspiration from different sectors.

So what are you waiting for? Move! Run! Apply, before time’s up!*


*which is Friday November 25 for the mentorship program and Friday December 2 for the prep course….

Julia Bergström, head of career

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