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UPF is looking for project members for Project Integration during the spring semester.

UPF is now looking for four members to be a part of the project group for our integration project in the coming spring!

Over the last couple of years, it has become abundantly clear that integration is an important part of Swedish society. Regardless of your opinion on immigration, the way we treat the newly arrived can make a big difference. In Scania, we have a large immigrant population and a lot of people who object to that fact, causing a divide among residents. The aim of this project is both to promote understanding and to try create actual integration in both directions.

Exactly what the project will entail is up to the project group, but we do expect and want it to entail cooperation with different organisations that have experience working towards integration. This could for example be Rädda Barnen, Lund municipality or cultural associations such as Afghansk kulturförening. We also want parts of it to actively work towards integration and not only be informational.

We are looking for an engaged group that will focus on arranging activities and events that will directly involve individuals and organizations concerned with integration. As the project and its results will reflect upon UPF, we are looking for a group whose members are committed and passionate towards the subject and the vision of the association. It is therefore important that the project is carried out in an unbiased and neutral manner.

In your application we would like your CV and cover letter, including a short description of what you would like the project to be, what you can bring to the group, and some ideas of specific events or arrangements. E-mail your application to before the 15th of January. We look forward to hearing from you!

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